Moving mountains on the ocean floor may hold key to East Coast earthquakes

4 months ago by GNS Science

Earthquakes and slow slip events may be influenced by mountains on the ocean floor, or “seamounts”, according to new research co-authored by GNS Science.

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Magnetic measurements at the Hikurangi subduction zone

5 months ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists from GNS Science and Tokyo Institute of Technology will be installing instruments that measure the Earth’s natural magnet and electrical fields at sites across Gisborne over the next three...

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Scientists identify more faults off Gisborne

5 months ago by GNS Science

A newly-identified complex fault system north of Gisborne may shed new light on the risks of earthquakes and tsunami in the region, according to new research led by GNS Science.

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Earthquakes and tsunami during school time: do you know what the plan is?

5 months ago by Natasha Goldring and Kate Boersen

Parents, teachers and students of early learning services and schools located in tsunami evacuation zones across the North Island’s East Coast are being encouraged to learn what their emergency plan...

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Scientists looking for lost earthquake instruments

6 months ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists are asking for help to find a few earthquake instruments, belonging to GNS Science and Columbia University in the United States that failed to surface when they tried to...

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NIWA Intern Blog: Mapping seafloor features

7 months ago by Tayla Hill

I recently graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Geology and Oceanography.

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NIWA Intern Blog: Deep sea communities on the seafloor

7 months ago by Tessa Thomson

Kia ora koutou katoa. Ko Tessa Thomson tōku ingoa. Nō Ngāti Tukorehe ahau.

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Copper phone network used to study Hikurangi subduction zone

7 months ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan are collaborating with Chorus in a pilot project to investigate the subduction zone beneath the East Coast to learn more about its behaviour and...

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Uncovering Taupō’s seismic secrets

8 months ago by Victoria University of Wellington

Despite their potential for large, dangerous eruptions, much remains to be discovered about the type of volcanoes known as caldera volcanoes.

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Seafloor instruments reveal more earthquakes on the offshore Hikurangi subduction zone

8 months ago by Kate Boersen

Data collected from the Hikurangi subduction zone by an international team of scientists led by GNS Science shows there are many more earthquakes happening off the North Island's east coast...

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