Blog #1 Deep sea communities on the seafloor

2 days ago by Tessa Thomson

Kia ora koutou katoa. Ko Tessa Thomson tōku ingoa. Nō Ngāti Tukorehe ahau.

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Copper phone network used to study Hikurangi subduction zone

10 days ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan are collaborating with Chorus in a pilot project to investigate the subduction zone beneath the East Coast to learn more about its behaviour and...

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Uncovering Taupō’s seismic secrets

22 days ago by Victoria University of Wellington

Despite their potential for large, dangerous eruptions, much remains to be discovered about the type of volcanoes known as caldera volcanoes.

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Seafloor instruments reveal more earthquakes on the offshore Hikurangi subduction zone

31 days ago by Kate Boersen

Data collected from the Hikurangi subduction zone by an international team of scientists led by GNS Science shows there are many more earthquakes happening off the North Island's east coast...

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Science talk on Hikurangi subduction zone comes to Manwatū-Whanganui

38 days ago by Kate Boersen

Two of the country’s leading scientists will share the latest research into New Zealand’s largest and most active fault in public talks in Manawatū-Whanganui this week.

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Subduction zone research voyage sets off

45 days ago by Kate Boersen

An international team of scientists sets off today onboard NIWA’s specialised research vessel Tangaroa to collect earthquake monitoring instruments from the seabed off the east coast of the North Island,...

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Napier communities invited to tsunami evacuation modelling talk

49 days ago by Kate Boersen

Seven Napier communities are invited to a free public talk on Wednesday, 30 October to see the latest computer tsunami evacuation models for the area.

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Scientists size up sediment lump under the East Coast

52 days ago by GNS Science

Analysis of seismic waves from the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake has enabled scientists to identify a body of softer rock and sediment roughly 37 times the volume of Mount Everest under...

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Community invited to Tsunami evacuation modelling talk

2 months ago by GNS Science

Members of the Lower Hutt community are invited to a free public talk at 7pm on Tuesday.

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Seafloor methane seeps and submarine landslides

3 months ago by NIWA

A chance discovery off the Gisborne coast five years ago is prompting a NIWA scientist to find out more about the link between a field of methane seeps bubbling out...

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