Leading NZ scientists coming to a home near you

34 hours ago by Natasha Blunden and Rachel Schicker

Scientists will beam their way into Kiwi’s homes next month, thanks to the 2020 East Coast LAB virtual talk series hosted on the East Coast LAB Facebook page.

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Lessons learnt in New Zealand from 1960 Chile tsunami

7 days ago by Kate Boersen and Rachel Schicker

Sixty years ago, a tsunami caused by a magnitude 9.5 earthquake in southern Chile struck New Zealand – ultimately leading to the country’s first formalised tsunami warning system being put...

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East Coast shellfish unlock earthquake history

8 days ago by Earthquake Commission (EQC)

New EQC-funded research will enable scientists to pinpoint with more accuracy the frequency and size of large past earthquakes and tsunamis on the east coast of the North Island.

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Digging for earthquake evidence

3 months ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists searching for evidence of past earthquakes have dug a 90 metre long trench in Aramoana, southern Hawke’s Bay.They selected the site at Aramoana as it has been uplifted in...

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CANCELLED: Scientists to share latest Hikurangi subduction zone findings

3 months ago by Kate Boersen

This event has unfortunately been CANCELLED.

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NIWA Intern Blog: Studying the seafloor

3 months ago by Tayla Hill

Scientists who study the seafloor use a wide range of data to get a more complete picture of complex natural processes and systems. For seismic related research along the Hikurangi...

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NIWA Intern Blog: A summer analysing seafloor organisms

3 months ago by Tess Thomson

Kia ora koutou katoa. Ko Tessa Thomson tōku ingoa, Nō Ngāti Tukorehe ahau.

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Moving mountains on the ocean floor may hold key to East Coast earthquakes

3 months ago by GNS Science

Earthquakes and slow slip events may be influenced by mountains on the ocean floor, or “seamounts”, according to new research co-authored by GNS Science.

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Magnetic measurements at the Hikurangi subduction zone

4 months ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists from GNS Science and Tokyo Institute of Technology will be installing instruments that measure the Earth’s natural magnet and electrical fields at sites across Gisborne over the next three...

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Scientists identify more faults off Gisborne

4 months ago by GNS Science

A newly-identified complex fault system north of Gisborne may shed new light on the risks of earthquakes and tsunami in the region, according to new research led by GNS Science.

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