Live broadcast with research vessel JOIDES Resolution

11 hours ago by Kate Boersen

Napier will get the opportunity to learn more about New Zealand’s first offshore earthquake observatories that are now recording from inside our largest fault, the Hikurangi subduction zone next week.

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New Zealand’s first offshore observatories are now recording from inside our largest fault

35 hours ago by Aliki Weststrate

Two world-class subseafloor observatories are now operating at the northern Hikurangi subduction zone where the Pacific Plate dives beneath the North Island, thanks to an international team of earth scientists...

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Minecraft & Lego used for emergency preparedness

2 days ago by Amelia, by Bernie, Carter, Isla, Keely, Lorna, Maddy, Poppy, Raiha, Sophie, Stirling, Tono’o and Kate

Students at Maraekakaho School have been using two popular children’s pastimes to help their community become more prepared for an emergency.

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R/V JOIDES Resolution Updates

3 days ago by Aliki Westrate and Kate Boersen

The research ship JOIDES resolution is undertaking scientific drilling research from March-May 2018 offshore of the North Island’s East Coast to learn more about the processes that drive large earthquakes...

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Hands on opportunity for students

32 days ago by Kate Boersen

Senior students from Tolaga Bay Area School and Lytton High School were scientists for a day during a recent earth science field trip that saw them learn about the earth’s...

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Gisborne students visit research ship

35 days ago by Kate Boersen

Two Gisborne Boys’ High School students, accompanied by their teacher, toured the research vessel JOIDES Resolution this past weekend before it embarked on its two-month research voyage.

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Kaikōura earthquake generated huge submarine sediment shift

35 days ago by NIWA

The 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake has shown that more than 100 million dumptrucks of mud and sand flow through the Kaikōura Canyon every 140 years, scientists say.

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Deep-sea observatories will offer a new vision into quakes

39 days ago by GNS Science

An ambitious mission to lower two sub-seafloor observatories into the Hikurangi subduction zone east of the North Island to study New Zealand’s largest fault starts this weekend.

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89 earthquake instruments have done their work

46 days ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists have completed the retrieval of 89 land-based sesimometer stations that have been installed in the Gisborne and Bay of Plenty regions during the last four months.

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Using shells to date earthquakes

46 days ago by Kate Boersen

A team of scientists from California State Polytechnic University Pomona has been mapping and sampling marine terraces at Waimarama and Ocean Beach that were uplifted in ancient earthquakes.

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