Would an earthquake early warning system work for New Zealand?

7 days ago by GNS Science

QC is providing $61,000 in research funding to support its mission of reducing the impact of natural disasters on people and property.

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Talks offer opportunity to learn from Japan

10 days ago by Kate Boersen

Communities on the East Coast of the North Island will have the opportunity to learn more about the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami and the establishment of Japan’s earthquake and...

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Tracking the path of Porirua tsunamis

11 days ago by GNS Science

Where are tsunamis likely to flow in Porirua, and what does that mean for where you put buildings? This is the question EQC has funded GNS scientist Dr Wendy Saunders...

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NZ3D #7: A job well done

17 days ago by Melissa Grey

After 32 days at sea on board the R/V Marcus G. Langseth, data acquisition is finally complete. It’s been quite an adventure.

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Research ship visiting Napier Port

17 days ago by Kate Boersen

The US research ship, Marcus Langseth is at Napier Port today (Friday 9 February) after finishing a five-week study of the Hikurangi plate boundary off the East Coast of New Zealand.

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Science at sea 'ship to shore' video opportunity

25 days ago by Kate Boersen

Teachers have the opportunity to sign up for a live 'ship-to-shore' video experience with scientists on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution.

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NZ3D Blog #6 Inside the Engine Room

28 days ago by Melissa Gray

There are 3 places on board where we can steer the ship. First and foremost is the bridge.

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Free ‘Hands-on’ science workshop at the LAB

33 days ago by Kate Boersen

Hawke’s Bay children are being given the chance to learn more about the forces beneath their feet that cause earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes.

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NZ3D Blog #5: Looking out for marine life

33 days ago by Melissa Gray

We commonly get asked about marine life when conducting these sort of scientific studies. The environment is very important to us, and the ship takes this job very seriously.

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NZ3D Blog #4: All aboard

43 days ago by Melissa Gray

With all the land seismometers and OBS instruments now in place and waiting patiently for the data to roll in, it’s time for the marine part of our experiment to...

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