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Weiwei Wang

Weiwei Wang, PhD student, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)

"I have studied data from Ocean Bottom Seismometers for three years but until now I have never had the opportunity to go on a voyage to install them. I am really looking forward to the Tangaroa expedition and working alongside world experts who I can ask suggestions from to help my study”

Weiwei is a PhD scholarship student at Victoria University of Wellington whose supervisors are Martha Savage (VUW), Bill Fry (GNS) and Tim Stern (VUW). Weiwei’s area of research is understanding the tectonic structure of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone, where one tectonic plate is subducting (‘diving under’) another.

Weiwei did her undergraduate degree at China University of Geosciences, and her Master’s at National Taiwan University. She uses data collected by Ocean Bottom Seismometers on the seabed to build up a 3D picture of the layers of sediment and rock underneath the seafloor, and to better characterise the faults there. Her PhD will help the Hikurangi Subduction Zone team have a much better understanding of what is happening at the plate boundary.