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Samer Naif

Dr. Samer Naif, Assistant Research Professor, Columbia University

"The thing I most enjoy is exploring remote areas and making new discoveries about how the earth works"

Samer grew up more interested in breaking my toys apart to see what makes them tick rather than actually playing with them. But it wasn’t until much later that he found his two passions - the environment and learning how things worked.

At university, Samer studied environmental engineering before falling in love with earth science and he has haven’t looked back since.

He now studies subduction zones all around the world –Central America, Alaska and of course New Zealand. Subduction zones mark the boundary between two tectonic plates and is where one plate moves under the other plate

This is exactly what is happening of the North Island’s East Coast. It is here, that Samer is leading a project to map fluids beneath the seafloor along the Hikurangi subduction zone. Fluids beneath the seafloor are important as they affect the likelihood and type of earthquakes that occur at faults.

Samer will be working on board the research vessel Rodger Revelle over the next couple of months and then will be studying all the data that he and his team have collected.