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Rob Harris

Dr. Rob Harris, Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Oregon State University

"It sounds cliché but we live on earth, and it is important to understand it, there’s a beauty to it.”

Rob is a thermal geophysicist which is a kind of geologist that studies the movement of heat in rocks and sediment. Rob became a geologist because he wanted to be able to understand what he was seeing around him when he was backpacking as a high school student.

He is interested in exploring how heat is transferred and what that tells us about how the Earth works. Heat and temperature are fundamental to many earth processes.

Rob is sailing with a number of other scientists on the US research vessel Revelle to study the influence of heat and fluid flow along the Hikurangis subduction zone. He really enjoys working with other scientists to solve problems related to Earth Science.

His work is important for understanding how the Hikurangi subduction zone changes and moves over time.His research will help us understand why earthquakes occur where they do on the Hikurangi subduction zone.