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Martha Savage

Dr Martha Savage, Professor of Geophysics, Victoria University of Wellington

"I wasn't too sure I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger and then at high school I realised I was good at it"

Martha is geophysicist. This means she studies the natural processes of the Earth such as earthquake and volcanic activity.

When she was younger she wasn’t sure so sure she wanted to be a scientists and then she became interested in science at high school where she studied physics and mathematics. Her love for the outdoors led her to combine geology and physics to study geophysics at University.

As a geophysicists, Martha worked in Antarctica for year where she was the only female at the camp! Later on she became interested in seismology and Martha ended up moving to New Zealand from the US.

She now studies the earth’s mantle, tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes. Her most recent research involves studying earthquakes on the southern North Island and northern South Island, and how these earthquakes are related to slow slip earthquakes.

Martha would like to be able to predict damaging earthquakes, but she doubts that will ever be possible in her lifetime.

She is also using geophysics to uncover what the earth looks like underneath all the the Taupo Volcanic Zone and how affects volcanism.