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Amandine Dhellemmes

Amandine, Research Assistant, GNS Science

 “One of the most exciting things about doing science is being surprised by what I learn, and finding something I didn’t expect.”

When Amandine went to university she studied geography. The  more she learnt the more she realised she was really interested in studying people and the environment. So she  decided to combine the two and study disasters which explores the effects of natural hazards on people and communities.

Amandine is currently exploring tsunami awareness of those living on the East Coast. After surveying locals about what they knew about tsunami and what to do in an event, she has analysed the results and is writing a research paper, which she hopes to have completed by the end of this year.

Her research will help us learn more about ensuring everyone is aware of the tsunami risk on the East Coast and be better prepared for future events.

We can’t wait to see what she has uncovered.