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Living at the Edge

Project Period: Now - 2019

Project Funders: National Science Challenge: Resilient to Nature's Challenges, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (New Zealand)

Organisations: University of Auckland, NIWA, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, GNS Science, and Lincoln University

Project Location: Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

The aim of the 'Living at the Edge project is to enhance the resilience of communities to coastal hazards with a focus on Hawke’s Bay.

One of the hazards that we're increasingly becoming aware of is coastal erosion and inundation and how it affects those that live and work along the coast.

Successful management of coastal areas depends on understanding the different uses of coastal land and the physical processes impacting on the coast, such as erosion.

For the next three years the research team are working together with the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazards Strategy 2120 by providing scientific input, advice and support to assist development of a coastal hazards strategy.