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A serious game for decision-making and coastal hazards

Project Period: November 2017 - October 2019

Project Funders: Natural Hazards Research Platform

Organisations: NIWA, Landcare Research, Davies Environmental

Project Location: East Coast of New Zealand's North Island

Throughout coastal New Zealand, residents and communities face difficult choices regarding how to adapt to coastal hazards.  Urban development in coastal areas, rising property values, and infrastructure investments are increasingly confronted by coastal inundation, coastal erosion, and the escalating potential impacts and consequences of hazard events including tsunami and storm surges. This project meets the need for novel methods for community engagement, and builds capacity for exploring complex questions through the design, testing and release of a ‘serious game’. It builds community and research capability to envisage future impacts and enhances capacity for dealing with the inevitable complex challenges and trade-offs associated with the growing prevalence of coastal hazards, and the likely effects of climate change on risk profiles.