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Future projects

Here are some suggestions for natural hazard/preparedness/disaster research 

If you are a university student doing your Honours, Masters or PHD then these are some topics that emergency managers, local stakeholders and the community are keen to see researched. 

Explore the impact of environmentalism on personal resilience eg. What impacts the introduction of air shed regulations and approved fireplaces have on the resiliency of households within an air shed catchment during an emergency where they have no power.

- Explore a specific aspect of a real Civil Defence Emergency Management response eg. Evaluate Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management's management of evacuees and repatriation with vehicles during the 2017 Taupo Rd Reduce during a storm event

Explore the recovery of tangata whenua post the 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake

- Explore the minimum standards of basic needs that New Zealanders would accept following a large scale emergency