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Q. What is a scientist?


Answers to your Questions:

Q. What is a scientist?

A. A scientist is a person who organises what we already know about the world, and then learns more about the world by asking who, what, where, when and why questions.  Scientists who study earthquakes and tsunami are called earth scientists.  An earth scientist who specifically studies earthquake waves is called a seismologist, while an earth scientist who studies rocks is called a geologist.  Geology is the study of rocks and the earth


Q. Are scientists smart?

A. Scientist love to learn about things.  They are interested in the world and how it works. A smart scientist has a lot of questions and ideas they would like to investigate – some of their ideas can be quite crazy and this can make them great scientist! But really anyone can be a scientist. Science is just pursuing your curiosity. 


Q. What does a scientist get paid?

A. A student might work as a scientist for free, as part of their study.  However, a qualified geologist can earn up to $130 000 a year. There is a shortage of geologists in New Zealand so it is a good field to get into to!


Q. What do scientists study?

A. Everything from biology, space, our history, fossils and artefacts, microbiology, engineering, physics and chemistry.