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Time for an adventure at sea?

3 years ago by Kate Boersen

Live ship-to-shore video event onboard the RV Jodies Resolution

Have you ever wanted to escape to sea to work on a cutting-edge science project about New Zealand’s largest fault?

 Applications are now open for a New Zealand communicator and/or teacher to join scientists on the international research vessel, Joides Resolution.

The scientists onboard the Jodies Resolution will be studying the Hikurangi subduction zone off the East Coast of New Zealand from 8th March – 5th May 2018.

The purpose of the voyage is to investige why slow slip slow events happen in an effort to find out what is causing the fault to move (slowly or fast) and how that has influenced earthquakes and tsunamis in the past, to understand what might happen in the future.

Offshore Gisborne is where the world’s shallowest slow slip events (or slow earthquakes) take place, which makes it the best place in the world to study slow slip earthquakes. Slow slip earthquakes occur slowly, over a period of weeks or months, rather than suddenly in one large earthquake.

Applications are welcome from teachers, informal science educators, artists, videographers, writers, social media experts and anyone who can make a good case for themselves. The ideal candidate would be a great communicator, creative, flexible, outgoing, adventurous, and able to translate exciting science to the public and schools via video, blogs, live ship-to-shore video events and social media.

To find out more about the role and apply visit