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Tangaroa Blog #10 Food, glorious food

3 years ago by Kate Boersen

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We are now further down the coast and have taken a few cores off the coast of Wellington. There have been a few times where the multicorer had to go back down in a slightly different site as instead of bringing up sediment it has brought up water.

The scientists think that this is potentially because there wasn’t enough soft sediment on the seafloor. There have also been a few times when it has brought up half full cores, but these are still of use.

There is a bit of wait time between each core sample as it sinks to the seafloor and is then winched up. There is also a bit of transit between sites, which means between core sites there is some down time.

Work usually stops during meal times. If we don’t eat during allocated times its more work for the cooks and steward and we definitely want to keep them happy!

The only meal that everyone on the ship is always there for is lunch as for breakfast and dinner usually half the crew and science staff are still sleeping given how the shifts work.

We are very well feed and have had everything from pancakes, waffles and fruit salad to bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast. For lunch we've eaten everything from ham off the bone and salads to sushi and seafood chowder. For dinner we've had yummy meals of lamb shanks and thai green curry. For desert think, pavlova, crème brulee and fruit platters. Definitely spoiled.

We’re also super lucky to have Gemma, the steward who takes care of all the dishes so the crew and science staff can get back to work as needed. Work continues around the clock but that is me for tonight as we head south to Kaikoura. Night!