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Science at sea 'ship to shore' video opportunity

2 years ago by Kate Boersen

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Teachers have the opportunity to sign up for a live 'ship-to-shore' video experience with scientists on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution.

The JOIDES Resolution will be undertaking scientific research off the coast of Gisborne from March-May to learn more about the Hikurangi plate boundary, which lies off the East Coast of New Zealand.

The Hikurangi plate boundary is where the Pacific tectonic plate subducts (or dives underneath) the Australian tectonic plate and is what scientists call a subduction zone. Subduction zones are a type of fault and are responsible for the largest and most powerful earthquakes and tsunami in the world. 

Students will be able to take a virtual tour of the ship and look at the science facilities on board, including equipment, which enables scientists to drill beneath the seabed to take core samples, and enables them to insert instruments in boreholes to monitor activity on the subduction zone. 

The ‘ship to shore’ video experiences will tailored to students' age/year level and are suitable for Years 1-8 Science - Nature of Science and Planet Earth and Beyond strands, and NCEA levels in the Earth and Space science domain

To register for a live video event please sign up on the ship's calendar and for more information on the aim of the expedition check out the Expedition #375 website.