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Research updates from the Boundary

3 years ago by Marion Tan


East Coast LAB hosted a number of scientists and research students for an afternoon at NIWA to share their work on or related to the East Coast. The first part entailed quick-fire discussion on large-scale research programmes (MBIE, NSC, QuakeCoRE, etc.) on the East Coast .

During the second half, the students shared their research projects to the audience in a Lightning Talk format. Student research presenters included:

  • Miles Crawford (JCDR, Massey University) -- How risk informs natural hazard management
  • Nhu Cuong Nguyen (School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University) -- Earthquake insurance, economics recovery using night-light imagery
  • Nancy Brown (JCDR, Massey University) -- Disaster resilience in the hotel sector
  • Farnaz Pourzand (School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University) -- Droughts and flood risks for the agricultural sector in New Zealand
  • Harmony Repia (School of Design, Massey University) -- Designing tsunami signage for East Coast communities
  • John Guilaran (School of Psychology, Massey University) -- Social support in emergency first responders in New Zealand
  • Marion Tan (JCDR, Massey University) -- Usability of disaster apps