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Centralised Hazard Portal for Hawke's Bay

5 years ago by Lisa Pearse


Hawke’s Bay people now have access to a range of hazard information about their properties and the region in one centralised online portal.

The portal integrates all the hazard information in Hawke’s Bay, including GIS (Geographic information system) information, the regional hazard research database, and links to all other hazard information available within the region.

Initially the portal will offer existing information from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council on earthquake fault lines, earthquake liquefaction, tsunami, coastal erosion and flooding, but is expected to grow as further hazard information becomes available.  

“Providing accurate public information on natural hazards is vital to reducing our long term risk to these events.  It allows people to make informed decisions based on the risks they face,” says Group Controller Mr Macdonald. 

The portal can be found at