Compelling Hikurangi Response Plan video released, highlights need for Kiwis to prepare

12 months ago by East Coast Life at the Boundary

New Zealand sits on a subduction zone just like Japan does, and people should be prepared for the next large earthquake and tsunami.

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International research to gather more information about NZ’s largest fault

18 months ago by GNS Science

An international team of scientists sets off this weekend to place earthquake monitoring instruments along New Zealand’s largest fault, the Hikurangi subduction zone.

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A shrinking experience for Gisborne students’ artwork

2 years ago by Erin Todd, Helen Shea and, Kate Boersen

Scientists on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution have carefully lowered the winning entries from the East Coast LAB and GNS Science ‘Art Under Pressure Competition’ to the seafloor.

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Recording earthquakes to understand our risk

2 years ago by Kate Boersen

Scientists have been busy over the last month installing 88 portable seismographs across the Raukumara area in Gisborne & Bay of Plenty.

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Probing Silent Earthquakes

4 years ago by Helen Shea

A group of international scientists are heading ‘Down Under’ in 2018 to study slow-slip earthquakes on the seafloor on the East Coast of the North Island.

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Knowing The Risks

5 years ago by Helen Shea

School children on the East Coast of the North Island have had the chance to learn more about tsunami and earthquakes thanks to the pilot Tairuamoko roadshow recently.

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Drilling off Gisborne to study silent quakes

5 years ago by Helen Shea

Scientists baffled by a mysterious type of earthquake are eyeing up the North Island's east coast for groundbreaking research.

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