Leading NZ scientists coming to a home near you

35 hours ago by Natasha Blunden and Rachel Schicker

Scientists will beam their way into Kiwi’s homes next month, thanks to the 2020 East Coast LAB virtual talk series hosted on the East Coast LAB Facebook page.

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Lessons learnt in New Zealand from 1960 Chile tsunami

7 days ago by Kate Boersen and Rachel Schicker

Sixty years ago, a tsunami caused by a magnitude 9.5 earthquake in southern Chile struck New Zealand – ultimately leading to the country’s first formalised tsunami warning system being put...

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East Coast shellfish unlock earthquake history

8 days ago by Earthquake Commission (EQC)

New EQC-funded research will enable scientists to pinpoint with more accuracy the frequency and size of large past earthquakes and tsunamis on the east coast of the North Island.

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