Hikurangi Response Planning Toolbox

Stakeholder Feedback: Volume I and II

The ‘Hikurangi Response Planning Toolbox’ is comprised of three volumes:
  • Volume I: Risk Toolbox - Online feedback currently open
  • Volume II: Planning Toolbox - Online feedback currently open
  • Annex: Regional Response Concept Paper
The first two volumes of the toolbox are generic to all CDEM Groups and available for feedback below- please note online feedback closes 5 June 2020.
The Annex (Regional Response Concept Paper) of the Hikurangi Response Planning Toolbox is bespoke to the five participating CDEM Groups- targeted stakeholder engagement will be used to consult on this part of the document.
Please note Volume I and II are currently in draft- they will be brought to publication standard following incorporation of stakeholder feedback.
To access the draft HRP Toolbox Volume 1 'Risk Toolbox', click here.
To access the draft HRP Toolbox Volume 2: 'Planning Toolbox', click here.
Running out of space to give feedback? Download a template here and upload it at the bottom of Section 2 and 3 of the form below.