Take Part

We’ll make it easy and exciting to take part in natural hazard science here at East Coast LAB.

Answering the big science questions around earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions and their affects requires a lot of work and sometimes the scientists need a hand! We’re keen to encourage everyone and anyone to become involved in a citizen science project to make science happen.

Citizen science is a type of science where schools & communities work along scientists to uncover more about their environment. People have been participating and contributing to scientific research for years but we’d really like to see more Citizen Science projects that help us learn more about hazards/disasters.

Check out some of the projects that you can be involved in below if you are interested in being part of a Citizen Science project and would like to actively contribute to our science research. 

Felt It?

If you have felt an earthquake recently, we would like to know where you were and what happened to you. This information will help us understand how your area might respond in future earthquakes.

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Tsunami Hīkoi

Do you live or work near the coast? If so, it is important to know whether or not your in a tsunami evacuation zone and your tsunami evacuation route. 

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Download our guide to setting up citizen science projects if you're even thinking about starting your own Citizen Science project and then get in touch as we may be able to assist you get started.