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JOIDES Resolution Updates

6 days ago by Erin Todd

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11/12/17: Last night our science party had the opportunity to have a live chat with the science party of IODP Expedition 381 from their drilling vessel Fugro Synergy in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. We got to learn about the preliminary results of their expedition and tell them about the objectives of our expedition. Technology is pretty amazing!

09/12/17: Ata mārie mōrena! He rā tino ātaahua tenei. Good morning! It's a lovely day. We are just approaching the Bass Strait between Tasmania and the state of Victoria on the Australian Mainland. These shallow waters should offer some respite from the swells and southerly winds of the Southern Ocean. Once we are through the strait, we'll enter the Tasman Sea for our journey between Australia and New Zealand

08/12/17: Mōrena JR followers! The winds have stopped and the swells are considerably smaller today! If you can't get enough of what's happening on the JR, be sure to check out our expedition blog.

Recent topics covered include:
-Changing time zones during transit
-Nautical flags and ship-to-ship communication
-Episode 1 of JR Profiles where we sit down and chat with JR technical crew and science party members

07/12/17: While the JR is pitching and rolling through the Southern Ocean, the scientists are hard at work preparing for when we arrive at our first drill site! Watch how the JR is moving here

06/12/17: In just a few hours since the sun came up, the winds have shifted and are now coming from the south. The temperature has dropped and the seas are choppy! Our lucky streak of calm seas is over and we are beginning to feel the wildness of the Southern Ocean! Check out the wind along our transit here.

05/12/17: We are now off the continental shelf and in the deep water of the Southern Ocean. The sunrise was beautiful and so far the seas and winds are very calm! Above the bridge is an area known as "Steel Beach." The weather is perfect for catching some rays!

03/12/17: In addition to some scientific research discussion, the science party got to learn a bit about te reo Māori, Māori language in New Zealand.

Pūtaiao ā-nuku me te reo Māori, Earth science and Māori language. Here are a few te reo vocabulary words and phrases that may be useful for our expedition!

Aotearoa (New Zealand, long white cloud)
pūtaiao (science)
taiwhanga pūtaiao (science laboratory)
pahī (large ocean-going canoe or ship)
moana (sea)
tai (coast, tide)
whanga (harbour, bay)
motu (island)
mahi (work or activity)
hui (gathering, meeting)
whare kai (dining hall)
kai (food)
Raumati (Summer)
Kei te whiti te rā (The sun is shining)
He rā tino ātaahua tenei (This is a lovely day)
Kei te pupuhi te hau (The wind is blowing)
Kia ora (greetings, hello)

02/12/17: Here is what we've been up to since leaving Fremantle. Next Stop: New Zealand!!